1940s Taipei Taiwan Local Usage Red Band cover
1940s Taipei Taiwan Local Usage Red Band cover
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Ca 1960 Taiwan Commercial Cover
Ca 1960 Taiwan Commercial Cover
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Taiwan stamps-1971-?83(246)- Ancient Chinese Porcelain
Taiwan stamps-1971-?83(246)- Ancient Chinese Porcelain
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Republic of China includes the islands of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu and other islands located on the east coast of mainland China. Neighbour States include the People's Republic of China (PRC) to the west, Japan, northeast, and the Philippines to the south.
In 1886, Taiwan was upgraded from a prefecture to an entire province of China. A postal service was organized by the governor, Liu Mingchuan, and stamps were issued that year.
In 1895, China ceded Taiwan to Japan. Taiwan has responded by creating a short-Republic of Formosa, which issued its own stamps.
Under Japanese rule, Taiwan has been processed by mail through the postal system in Japan. After the Japanese surrender in August 1945, the postal system continued to operate locally, and October 21, 1945, published three-sen and five sen stamps, the design consists of a large number and the imperial chrysanthemum. Despite the official transfer of Taiwan to China on October 25, 31, a hallmark of 10 sensors with the same design was issued. (In addition, five values ​​were printed but never published).
Stamps printed locally, both issued and unpublished, were immediately overprinted "Republic of China" and "Taiwan Province", and went on sale Nov. 4. Two Japanese stamps, 5 yen and 10 yen in 1937 outlined a series of values, was also a stamp is a great value.
In 1946, the stocks of Chinese stamps on the new values ​​for special education and "for use in Taiwan." This was followed by a question mark in March 1947 Chiang Kai-shek 60 years, four small characters in the background says "only in Taiwan." The stamp issues by following the same pattern in 1948.