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CHINA SCOUT LABELS (x9) (ID:771 D30306)
CHINA SCOUT LABELS (x9) (ID:771 D30306)
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J233 Japan 1948 MVLH OG Beauty Looking Back  Sc#422
J233 Japan 1948 MVLH OG Beauty Looking Back Sc#422
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Japanese Postal
In 1870, Baron Maeshima, visited London to learn the operation of the British postal system, and established a post office in Japan in 1871. The first stamps were issued in April 1871, is set to four, covering a wide range of postage, a complex two-color design consists of two dragons facing the center, where the value of the characters printed in black. Cuts were the Mon, who had already been replaced between the yen, the same basic structure of the yen-denominated, was released in 1872, but the same was soon replaced with four new models in the Imperial Crest.
The new models, including the designation of Latin letters, a trend that has generally followed since, and the chrysanthemum, which has been imprinted on each of Japan until 1947, instead of the true face of the emperor.
In 1876, a long final series was presented with a general inner oval and the words
"Imperial Japan Post." Japan has joined the UPU in 1877.
The first commemorative stamp in 1894 marked the 25th wedding anniversary of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. The first people were portrayed the Prince and Prince Kitashirakawa Yoshihisa Arisugawa Taruhito, honored in 1896 for his role in the Sino-Japanese War, which had ended the previous year.