Former Portuguese Congo, the region was a protectorate since 1883 and was separated from Portuguese West Africa. As part of the various independence movements in the 1960s a group called the Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) has established an exile government in Kinshasa. FLEC made a unilateral declaration of independence on 1 August 1975, but was not recognized by Portugal and abroad.
In November 1975, the MPLA Angolan troops occupied Cabinda was annexed to the newly independent Angola. Angola called Cabinda region. Since then, the FLEC and other factions in Cabinda fought for independence and seeking to form the Republic of Cabinda.
In October 2006, a series of stamps issued by the separatists in Cabinda. All stamps were printed in Angola with a nominal value of 500 francs Central Africa. Providers have said they intend to produce a final stamp Cabinda based on a new currency, the escudo Cabinda. The stamps have been of some use to the government in exile such as e-Ship.