BHUTAN Mixed Selected Stamps (No 1162)
BHUTAN Mixed Selected Stamps (No 1162)
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Bhutan has stamps for domestic use since 1962. Burt Todd, may have been the first American to visit the kingdom of Bhutan, helped establish a program of stamps in Bhutan. Bhutan has become known for its unusual design of stamps that were initially selected by Todd Burt specifically to attract publicity.
Burt Kerr Todd, an American businessman, has contributed to the creation of the stamp issuing program of Bhutan. He learned from Bhutan to study at Oxford University, visited the country in 1951, and became adviser to the Government of Bhutan and the royal family. He was credited with being the first American to visit Bhutan, although this assertion can not be proven with certainty. Bhutan Stamp program was created specifically to raise funds to improve infrastructure in Bhutan after the country was denied a loan by the World Bank. Todd founded Bhutan Stamp Agency in Nassau, Bahamas. He had little idea of ​​how the stamps are sold philately, and asked unusual patterns, such as printing 3D attract advertising. In 1974, the contract was terminated in favor of the Intergovernmental Philatelic Corporation of the Centre scheme.
Initially ignored by many early collectors of stamps Todd become objects of worship and unusual stamps were printed on materials has been copied by other post offices. Canada has issued stamps in 3D and Switzerland have issued a made of wood. In recent years, the Bhutanese stamps tend to be more conventional, with only occasional unusual format. Sheet and current issues remain short of the program, however.